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Tammy has been studying Western Astrology since 2003. What started out as a simple curiosity developed into a deeper understanding of the connectedness of all things in this big wide universe. For her, astrology is not the end all of all, but another lens to be introspective; to see how what is going on within us is connected to what is going on around us. Ultimately she see’s astrology as a powerful healing tool for personal growth, self-acceptance, connection and understanding of others.

Tammy began her career as a conceptual artist. She has both a BFA (2005) and MFA (2008) in Sculpture. Her work has always been around the body, the tactile relationship with our environment and inviting collaboration through physical participation with others.

Tammy pursued a spiritual path in 2012 after years of being unsatisfied with her life and a yearning to understand herself more deeply. She has completed over 800hrs in yoga teacher training. Her training includes two years studying Raja Yoga at the Magic Pond International Yoga School in Seoul, South Korea, Community, Family, and Perinatal yoga with Rainbow Kids Yoga, and the Shri Yoga Community Outreach program in 2018 in Rhode Island. She is certified in Level 1 of Rainbow Reiki. In 2015-2016 she completed both the Moon Course and Sun Course at Las Pirámides del Ka, off the mystical Lake Atitlan, in Guatemala. There she studied mystical kabbalah, the tree of life, astrology, tarot and other metaphysical practices. Currently she works as an herbal educator at Farmacy Herbs in Providence, Rhode Island.

Tammy grew up in California and Virginia in a Korean American household. She’s lived all over the world but finds Rhode Island to be her forever home. Tammy enjoys making ceramic, pinch pot vessels for the herbalist’s kitchen or sacred altar. She also loves going to the beach, feeding people, watching TV, and spontaneous dance parties with her children in the kitchen.


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